Worship Information


We gather for worship at 10 a.m. every Sunday morning with Bible study following at 11:15 a.m.  Our service includes a blend of contemporary praise songs and traditional hymns led by our praise team and choir.  The service also includes engaging sermons, moments for children, and other elements focused on proclaiming the Good News of Jesus and seeking out God’s will for our lives.  You are always welcome!


There are two parking lots on our campus.  As you turn off of College Parkway into the church, the first lot is immediately to your left.  If that lot is full, you can follow the driveway around the buildings to the second lot.  Both lots have one central entrance where someone will greet you and welcome you to College Parkway Baptist.

Children in Church

DSC_0670Children are an important part of the life and community of College Parkway.  We have a nursery and young children’s area for all babies and toddlers staffed by trained professionals with decades of experience.  The nursery is open both on Sunday mornings during worship and Bible study and during Wednesday night activities as well.

During worship, Preschoolers participate in the opening part of the worship service and then leave for an extended time of age-appropriate learning and fun.  Our elementary-age children are invited to participate fully in the worship experience with the rest of the church community.

What to Wear

At College Parkway, you will see a wide variety of clothing choices.  Some choose to wear shorts and t-shirts while others feel more comfortable in suits and ties.  When you join us for worship, we invite you to wear whatever makes you feel most comfortable and will best help you focus on Jesus.

What we Believe


We believe that in the beginning of time God started a story. This was a story unlike any other ever told. God told a story of creation. In this story, God spoke the world into existence. God lived in perfect harmony with the creation.

But that harmony was soon broken. The connection between creation and God was fractured by sin. Sin began to tear the creation away from the Creator. God decided to act.

God revealed God’s self to humanity through signs, messengers, and wonders. Proclaiming more and more about the Creator to the creation. Most of humanity, however, refused to hear and turned away from God. So God took the outrageous step of sending God’s own son – Jesus Christ to proclaim the true nature of God’s love.

Jesus showed God’s love through all he taught and all he did. The powers of the world found the message of God threatening to their own power and kingdoms and decided Jesus had to die. Through a rigged trial and a bloody crucifixion, Jesus died. His enemies rejoiced and his friends hid in fear. Early on the third morning after his death the miraculous occurred and Jesus appeared! God had raised Jesus from the dead forever conquering the power of sin and death.

The story continued with Jesus’ friends and followers becoming witnesses to this new reality – death no longer was the ultimate end. Today we proclaim that Jesus has conquered death and offers new life to all who seek it. Jesus called all his followers to go out and make disciples of all nations. We believe the Bible teaches that disciples are those who seek to pattern their whole lives after the example of Jesus. Therefore, we choose to give our whole lives to the service of God.

We know that life can be hard, but we have found that going together makes the trip easier. Join us as we seek to follow Jesus more fully and love each other more deeply. Come be a part of a bigger story – the story of God’s amazing love!